MTV Troll Police

MTV Troll Police is an Indian television reality show which aims to issues going on the internet regarding cyber bulling and trolling. The show educates the youth towards an ideal online behaviour and respect to the privacy. The show features Bollywood celebrities and stars who track down their trollers with the help of a team of investigators, cyber experts and social media engineers. The host of the show MTV Troll Police Rannvijay also helps the different Bollywood celebs in the various episodes. The show broadcast on every Saturday on MTV at 7 pm. The show comprise of three levels in order to catch the trollers. First celebrities track down their trollers with the help of the social media engineers, then investigators along with cyber team will make a customized trap for the trollers. At last the trollers will be confronting their celebrities which they trolled. The show released it premier episode on 13th January 2018.