Belan Wali Bahu

Belan Wali Bahu is an Indian television drama comedy sitcom which narrates the role of housewives in families and societies. The show features Dheeraj Sama and Krystal D’Souza in the lead roles. The show is produced and written by the lead actor in the series Dheeraj Sama. The show ‘Belan Wali Bahu’ airs on the Colors channel and Colors TV HD channel. The series has replaced popular controversial television reality show Bigg Boss 11 on the same time slot which also the raised competition for the slot as well. The show is produced under the production banner named as Shoonaya Square Productions. Belan wali bahu is produced by the lead actor Dheeraj Sama along with Ved Raj. The series narrates about a woman, Roopa who always keep trying to please everyone in the family, to her husband and their parents but apparently fails always. The series talks about a role of housewife in a family and how it is neglected, especially by husbands. Roopa always get into the mess while doing something good for everyone but she still a ideal ‘ bahu’ or tries to be and soft-hearted to everyone as well. Actors like Mushtaq Khan, Sudhir Pandey, Sunaya Fozdar and Bhavana Balsavar played important roles in the series.